The Men’s Heated Hoodie – A zip-up fleece hoodie with heating elements for a powerful boost of warmth when temperatures drop

The Men’s Heated Hoodie (SOURCE) is unique when it comes to providing a powerful boost of warmth because it is equipped with a heating element designed to help you relax especially when temperatures drop in your place.

Thanks to its strategically located heating elements, enjoying heat across the user’s back, chest and even on the hoodie’s both pockets for warming up the hands is now possible anytime anywhere.

heated hoodie

The Men’s Heated Hoodie

This zip-up heated fleece hoodie is equipped with 3 battery elements partnered with 3 different settings that can be controlled at a touch of a button, the included battery once fully charged using its included USB charger, can provide up to 12hrs on low, 7hrs on medium setting and 3.5hrs on high.

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heated hoodie1

The Men’s Heated Hoodie has a power bank where owners can use also not just to infuse the jacket with some relaxing warmth but also to provide battery juices for the owner’s favorite smartphone, it even comes with an integrated flashlight designed to provide a perfect illumination when you are walking on dark path.

You can buy the fleece hoodie with heating elements for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.