The Memory Expanding iPhone 5 dock – Provides supplemental data storage and automatic backup of all your important files

The Memory Expanding iPhone 5 Dock [SOURCE] not only recharges your iPhone 5, 5s and iPads but at the same time capable of backing up automatically all your media files including your latest videos, photos, music and any other file type straight into its integrated case that houses a flash memory for that easy and ultra fast storage backup simply drag and drop any files and you’re good to go.

The Memory Expanding iPhone 5 dock

The Memory Expanding iPhone 5 dock

Besides providing supplemental data storage and auto backup functionality for your favorite devices’ important files, the Memory Expanding iPhone 5 Dock even comes with an easy to use application where you can organize files by category for the purpose of easy retrieval, it even comes with password protection and unique locking features so all your data including your contacts and calendar will be safe.

This memory expanding dock can also be used for android devices and is small enough that you can bring it anywhere you go.

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