The Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer – Your next best low-impact exerciser

Whether you’re a beginner or professional exerciser whose aim is to develop glutes, thigh, abdominal and lower back muscle strength without worrying about stress on joints caused by excessive workout then the Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer is your next best low-impact exerciser.

This low-impact exerciser is designed to gently and thoroughly provide muscle strength simply by sitting and swaying the saddle helping the core body muscles to get bigger and contract. Just tilt gently forward and backward, from left to right and you’re on your way to developing an important muscle structure and perfect posture.

The Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer

This mechanical core muscle trainer comes with a 3 preprogrammed sequence that can be pressed any time while its 9 different speed training can be easily controlled right from its unique panel located at the pommel, it even comes with a set of stirrups and sturdy handle to help novice trainer maintain proper balance during slow or fast workout.

-$1,500 at hammacher


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