The Magical Motion Musical Clock – combines visual intrigue with relaxing music

Do you need a wall clock that can provide accurate time with some background music to relax you and your guest? Try the Magical Motion Musical Clock.

Try this uniquely designed pendulum wall clock equipped with a very intriguing look where every hour, it will open its inner face that works magically together with 18 integrated sounds.

Magical Motion Musical Clock

The Magical Motion Musical Clock

The wall clock’s face opens to display a unique dial decorated with crystals partnered with a revolving plates that show notes of a music and because the clock is housed in a sturdy oak frame partnered with quartz movements, providing accurate time every time will not be a problem.

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Magical Motion Musical Clock 2

This Magical Pendulum Wall Clock already comes with pre-selected melodies including your favorite classic music, different instrumental songs of Christmas and more and best of all, it is also equipped with a light sensor for auto-shutoff function and a volume control for adjusting the volume of the music any time easily. Weighs only 9lbs.

You can buy this 21×161/4×33/4 inches pendulum wall clock for only $599.95 with lifetime guarantee.