The Magic Wand Remote Control – Now You Can Be An Instant Magical Whiz

Stop wishing to become the spell master, here’s your chance of becoming a magical whiz instantly with less effort and without any expensive books or teach-yourself materials because the Magic Wand Remote Control is simply the perfect wand for that zapping, swishing and whirling thing the only difference is, you simply use it to control your infrared devices, stereos and other digital boxes. What?

The Magic Wand Remote Control comes with different features and functionalities like rotating the wand to clockwise and counter-clockwise to adjust your music box volume to higher or lower. Other functionalities includes tapping, flicking, tapping it even comes with a practice mode so you can synchronized it with different gestures, a sleep mode for turning the wand off after 60 seconds of inactivity, and a learning mode where you can teach it with the new codes for any promising motion combinations.

– £49.99 at firebox