The LP Cassette to CD Audio Enhancing Converter – preserves classic records and cassettes by converting them to CDs

Looking for converting your LP cassette to CD? Use this uniquely designed stereo system called LP Cassette to CD Audio Enhancing Converter —[SOURCE]—, a true Cassette to CD converter capable of preserving classic records and cassettes to CDs without worrying about quality and clarity that other models can’t provide.

This audio converter is unique because it faithfully transfers your favorite music to digital audio while ensuring an enhanced conversion quality so you don’t have to worry about static noise resulting in clear, crisp and high quality playback every time.


LP Cassette to CD Converter

Unlike other converters out there that require the operator to always monitor the conversion process, this audio converter is different because it provides the option to automatically separate tracks specially when it already detects silence between songs.

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This Audio Converter already comes with an integrated AM/FM stereo complete with digital tuner, single CD playback ray, remote control and a powerful 3.5watt speakers that plays 33s to 78s and cassettes. Weighs only 28.5lbs.

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