The Long Reach Wet Dry Vac – cleans cars, garages, and other spaces without requiring one to move the canister

The Long Reach Wet Dry Vac is not just unique when it comes to cleaning your favorite cars but at the same time allows the owner to clean even those spaces including garages without worrying about moving the vac canister from one place to another.

Thanks to its powerful 12amp motor capable of suctioning up dirt including liquids and other messes on floors, cars and even on your car’s upholstery and carpets.

Long Reach Wet Dry Vac

The Long Reach Wet Dry Vac

This Wet and Dry Vac is equipped with 32 feet long hose so reaching out those dirty places and cleaning them easily will not be a problem, it even comes with a wall mount bracket so you can position it anywhere you want for that easy cleaning operation every time.

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Long Reach Wet Dry Vac1

The Long Reach Wet Dry Vac is also equipped with double filtering system partnered with 4gal of tank for collecting debris easily and best of all, it also includes 7 car detailing attachments so you’ll have different options just in case you need to get rid of dirt even to the hardest part of your car and more.

You can buy the wet and dry vacuum for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.