The Live Video Camera Drone – A remote control drone capable of sending live video straight to your iphone or android phone

You want to receive live video footages from your iPhone or android phone? The Live Video Camera Drone [VIDEO] can do that, thanks to the drone’s built-in camera that uniquely sends live video footages straight to your favorite device partnered with easy to use and stable propellers, taking pictures or even videos is now possible with this flying camera drone.

The Live Video Camera Drone

The Live Video Camera Drone

The Live Video Camera Drone is not just perfect when it comes to taking crisp and clear photos and videos, thanks to the copter’s integrated 14mp camera and 1080p high definition video resolution, capturing and even saving it straight to its included 4GB memory card will not be a problem.

The Live Video Camera Drone 3

Worry about flying the copter into a restricted airspace? No problem because this battery powered drone already includes a unique firmware designed just to prevent the flying camera drone away from the danger zone.

The Live Video Camera Drone 2

This Live Video Camera Drone already includes a 5.8ghz remote control and a rechargeable battery capable of providing the copter up to 25min. of flight action when fully charged.

See the flying camera drone in action [HERE].