The Live Streaming Motion Activated Mini Cam – A motion-activated mini security camera that live streams video to a smartphone

The Live Streaming Motion Activated Mini Cam is a small yet powerful security camera capable of streaming videos to a smartphone specially when it senses motion.

This motion-activated mini camera is perfect because it can be serve in different ways like inconspicuous home security camera for your home, a dashboard camera or even a body camera, thanks to its included magnetic pad, 3M stickers and also a magnetic rotation mount, positioning the mini cam anywhere you want is really up to you.

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Live Streaming Motion Activated Mini Cam

This mini security cam already comes with an easy to use application for your favorite iOS and Android gadgets where owners can easily control the device from a smartphone up to 10 feet away without requiring the owner to connect it with their wireless router.

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Live Streaming Motion Activated Mini Cam 1

The Live Streaming Motion Activated Mini Cam can also be connected to your home’s router so you can remotely monitor your home specially when you are not at home and best of all, it can capture up to 720p high definition resolution and can operate for up to 90 minutes of monitoring time when fully charged using its included USB cable.

You can buy the motion-activated mini security cam for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.