The Light Therapy Visor – emits safe rays of therapeutic light to counteract the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, jet lag, and fatigue

Seasonal Affective Disorder problem? How about Jet Lag or even Fatigue? No problem, use the Light Therapy Visor —[VIDEO]—, a uniquely designed visor designed to counterattack the effects of the mentioned problem of course using safe rays of therapeutic light.

This visor is very effective when it comes to emitting safe therapeutic light and with just once a day of use for about 30min., aiming and providing the user’s lower retina with experience of looking at blue skies of course without the effect of UV or infrared light is now possible.

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The Light Therapy Visor

The Light Therapy Visor

This therapy visor even includes an integrated timer designed to alert the owner to stop the session, it can even be programmed to use its included 3 different intensity levels.

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The Light Therapy Visor 1

The Light Therapy Visor is capable of providing up to 3.5hrs of continuous operation when fully charged even at its max intensity level and best of all, it only weighs 2.5oz.

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