The Light Show Wireless Speaker – A place-anywhere speaker that generates its own light show while pumping out party tunes

The Light Show Wireless Speaker [SOURCE] is designed not just to pump out clear and crisp party tunes but at the same time generates a unique light show right at the speaker’s splash resistant cabinet every time you play your favorite sound anywhere you go.

The Light Show Wireless Speaker

The Light Show Wireless Speaker

Thanks to the light show wireless speaker’s built-in 128 multicolored LED light that act as the speaker’s stereo equalizer pulses uniquely to the beat of the sound you play.

The Light Show Wireless Speaker 1

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This place anywhere speaker even comes with a feature that can sense whether it has been positioned horizontally or vertically plus it even comes with an auto-adjust function where LED lights show according to the settings you select like dazzling rainbows or other soothing displays, you even have the option to turn them off you just need to cool down with favorite music.

The Light Show Wireless Speaker 2

This wireless speaker can be connected to a Bluetooth powered device or other sound system including your favorite computer while its uniquely built 3.5watt speaker with passive subwoofer can produce up to 8 straight hours of play time, just don’t forget to recharge the 2600mAh battery though before enjoying the show.

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