The Levitating Lamp – a functional and magical desk lamp that may perplex and amuse guest with its cool secret

Not satisfied with your old and not so cool desk lamp? Try the Levitating Lamp [SOURCE], a uniquely designed desk lamp packed with 9 LED light bulbs and a rotating shade that magically floats above its base just to amuse guest and of course provide you the owner with some unique lighting right on your favorite work desk.

The Levitating Lamp uses a magnet positioned strategically into the lampshade and is repelled uniquely using an electromagnetic coils right at the lamp’s base partnered with great opposing strength designed to ensure the shade levitate in mid-air and stays upright even when bumped, thanks to the lampshade’s computerized coils, this functional and at the same time magical desk lamp will surely provide not just bright lights but at the same time perplex guest every time.

The Levitating Lamp

The levitating lamp has 9 bright LED lights, 6 of them shines nicely upward into the shade, 3 of them shines downward enough to provide accent lighting at its brushed chrome stand.

So how do you operate this kind of lampshade? Well, just tap on the underside of the base to start creating nice bright lights partnered with physics-defying gap between the base and shade. Just don’t forget to plug the device though into your AC outlet to start the magic.

Watch the desk lamp in action [HERE].

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