The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – A gravity defying wireless speaker that floats in mid-air above its base

The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker [SOURCE] is uniquely designed wireless speaker that not only produce impressive sound but at the same time amaze listeners as it floats in the air right above the speaker’s base while playing your favorite music from your favorite gadget.

The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker uses a combination of electromagnetic coils located at the speaker’s base partnered while at the other hand, the sphere’s magnet causes the speaker to float in mid-air because of the powerful opposing force.

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The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker 1

This Bluetooth Speaker is capable of delivering remarkably tough yet relaxing audio right from its 2watt full range driver specially when matched with a Bluetooth enabled gadgets even at 30 feet away.

Need to adjust the speaker’s volume as well as the lighted base ring? No problem because music can be adjusted right at your favorite device volume control while the lighted ring on the base just enough to make a perfect glow at the same time cool yet relaxing sound every time.

You want to levitate the speaker on other metal surfaces? No problem because the sphere can magnetically grip onto shelf or refs perfect for taking the speaker with you around, just don’t forget to plug the device though to your AC outlet to keep the music flowing.

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