The LEGO Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle – lets young builders create a double-sided tracked vehicle and drive it with an app

The LEGO Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle (Available Here) is perfect for kids who want to build their very own transformation car.

Thanks to these easy to snap LEGO pieces, kids can now create a double sided aerodynamic racer and an adventure truck side by side and drive it around using an included free application will not be a problem.

App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

This app-controlled vehicle is unique because it flips over especially when it encounters any obstacles, it can even be flipped manually by hand so kids can switch back and forth between vehicles.

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App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle 2

The LEGO Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle is equipped with 2 huge motors, sturdy suspension, wide tracks and even perfectly designed shock absorbers so it can handle different types of terrain with any problem and best of all, it only weighs 23/4lbs and only measures 4.5×7.5×10 inches in height, width and length just perfect for kids ages 9 years old and above. Weighs only 2 3/4lbs.

You can buy this transformation vehicle set for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.