Looking for a video game that is capable of providing fun and appealing for your kids? How about teaching them the basic programming idea and improving their problem solving skills while having fun? Give them the Learn To Program Video Game [VIDEO], a uniquely design video game system that not only provides entertaining games to your kids but at the same time teaches them how to plan for their next move simply by putting the included game tiles at the game tray.

The Learn To Program Video Game

The Learn To Program Video Game

With Learn To Program Video Game, your kids simply control the characters in the game by using and placing tiles on the board where each tile represents different actions like jumping, moving backwards or forwards.

The Learn To Program Video Game 1

Players decide how to gather cork pieces, put them back and so on that involves them how to carefully plan for their next move just perfect for developing their motor skills or even solve logic and sequencing problem in order to complete the stage.

The Learn To Program Video Game’s unique tray is rechargeable and is capable of providing up to 10hrs. of game play with just an hour of charging via its included USB cable and best of all, this video game is compatible with Android, iOS and Mac operating system and is design for kids ages 6 years old and above.

Watch the video game in action [HERE].