The Learn-To-Play Illuminated Keyboard – teaches aspiring musicians to play via illuminated keys

The Learn To Play Illuminated Keyboard [VIDEO] is perfect for teaching wannabe musicians to play their favorite piano instrument simply by following along the illuminated keys, no more worrying about going somewhere just to learn how to play the piano because with the learn to play illuminated keyboard, all your kids need is just a PC, Mac or an iPad for following along their favorite sheet to play and this uniquely designed piano keyboard.

The Learn-To-Play Illuminated Keyboard

The Learn To Play Illuminated Keyboard

This illuminated keyboard already includes an easy to follow instructional software packed with 4 different modes like assist, learn, perform and select mode to provide aspiring musicians the perfect guidance they need as they progress.

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The assist mode will allow young musicians to follow and focus on playing in one hand as the provided software plays the notes. In learn mode, young pianist will be given which illuminated keys to press correctly, green for all correctly played keys and red for incorrectly played keys. In perform mode, students play their favorite sheet with full tempo support and lastly, the select mode allows wannabe pianist to select the specific section for mastery.

The Learn-To-Play Illuminated Keyboard 1

If you want to learn how to play the piano the easy way, then The Learn To Play Illuminated Keyboard is your perfect answer because it is already built with lots of necessary tools and function and best of all, it is made using a solid aluminum body partnered with soft touch, pressure sensitive keys capable of handling up to a hundred different levels of key presses while its easy to use control panel with touch screen function will provide students all the necessary arrangement for a perfect piano playing session.

This illuminated keyboard already includes over 1000 songs to follow along and is perfect for kids ages 5 and above.

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