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The Latest And Scariest Gadgets For Halloween Celebration – Top 5

Crawling Zombie

Even though here’s missing most of his skin, this rubbery crawling zombie is heartless, you need some batteries in order to move this legless Halloween gadget. This Crawling Zombie also growls and spouts out silly phrases mostly about having no legs. The Crawling Zombie also features a glowing red eyes, extraordinary sinister appearance and a sensor to detect movements and obstacles.

– $37.11 at iwantoneofthose

Haunted Portraits

This handmade haunted portrait really scares everyone because of its unique and antique look. The Haunted Portraits is made from quality materials and is authentically frightening even before the ghost within is exposed.

– $17.20 at firebox

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Hereâ€s a frightening but attractive Dismember-Me Plush Zombie that can be ripped apart in various ways. The Dismember-Me Plush Zombie has a torso that can be pulled apart to reveal intestines, its limbs and head are removable and interchangeable and holds a tiny plush brain snack in his right hand.

– $12.99 at thinkgeek

i-Fly Vamp

Forget about real bats, hereâ€s the latest and scariest bat capable of shocking everyone because of its realistic flapping wings. The i-Fly Vamp features a patented mechanism that adjusts the wings geometry to allow it to be turned both with the wings flapping and on the glide.

– £29.95 at boysstuff

Remote Controlled Crawling Hand

Hereâ€s the scariest but funniest Halloween gadget perfect for having a laugh with your mates or scaring naughty kids around. The Remote Controlled Crawling Hand features a separate handheld controller so you can hide out of sight when you are using it.

– $24.45 at findmeagift