The Lady’s 10 Hour Heated Jacket [SOURCE] is not just perfect in providing low heat continuously but at the same time comfortable enough because it is made with polyester and spandex blend lined with brushed fleece to insulate the wearer’s body against cold.

This heated jacket is capable of providing 10 plus hours of comfort just enough to provide the owner enough time shopping or even doing trips in the middle of cold weather, thanks to the jacket’s micro-allow heating elements, enjoying different levels of heat is now possible.

The Lady's 10 Hour Heated Jacket

The Lady’s 10 Hour Heated Jacket

This Jacket is water and wind resistant and comes with 3 levels of safe and efficient heat that transfer to the fabric without any problem.

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The Lady’s 10 Hour Heated Jacket already includes a unique back pocket that cleverly houses the included power bank and best of all, owners will be able to enjoy 7 up to 10+ hours of medium to low warmth after a full charge using its included power source.

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