The Jumbo Washable Foam Lounger – provides a comfortable and supportive resting place for kids and adult alike

The Jumbo Washable Foam Lounger (available here) is your perfect answer especially if you are looking for a uniquely designed beanbag chair equipped with unique foam so you’ll feel comfortable every time you want to relax.

This foam lounger is unique because it is filled with a blend of sponge foam pieces designed to provide owners with not just a supportive chair but also a comfortable place to rest every time just perfect for any room including your game room.

Jumbo Washable Foam Lounger

The Jumbo Washable Foam Lounger

This oversized bean bag chair is also unique because the included cover can be cleaned easily with your favorite washing machine as compared to other bean bags out there where it is just filled with lots of styrofoam balls.

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Jumbo Washable Foam Lounger1

This Foam Lounger is big enough to provide a perfect place for adults to nap, relax or even cuddle and best of all, it can also be positioned in your kids playroom to provide them with an awesome place to play comfortably.

You can buy this oversized foam lounger for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.