The Italian Countertop Pizza Oven – now you can make any type of pizza at home anytime

Are you craving for a great tasting pizza and wanted to prepare one specially this Christmas? Use the Italian Countertop Pizza Oven. (Available Here for only $149.95)

This Italian Pizza Oven is unique because it is equipped with a powerful 1200w heating function that works religiously with its integrated 12.5 diameter baking stone just to make sure it can provide a deliciously made pizza.

Italian Countertop Pizza Oven

Ideal for pizza lovers out there, this pizza oven is capable of creating a perfect crust partnered with caramelized toppings, thanks to its included 3 heat settings, making almost any type of pizza at home will not be a problem.

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Italian Countertop Pizza Oven 2

The Italian Countertop Pizza Oven is designed by an Italian kitchenware company and already includes a sturdy steel cover, pizza peel and more and best of all, it only weighs 9lbs and only measures 14×91/4 inches in diameter and height respectively.

You can buy this pizza oven capable of making almost any type of pizza for only $149.95 lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.