The iPhone Photo Printer – Prints crystal clear photos in seconds

You want to print photos from your iPhone? How about your iPad or even your latest Android Phone without worrying about expensive ink cartridges? Use this small yet powerful portable iPhone Photo Printer that is capable of producing high quality photo printouts right directly from your favorite gadgets.

The iPhone Photo Printer print pictures straight from a docked device including your favorite iPod touch, iPhone4 and 5, iPads and Android Phones and because the printer doesn’t need any computer, ink cartridges or special software to operate, printing crisp and clear 300dpi resolution photos anytime anywhere will not be a problem.

The iPhone Photo Printer

This iPhone Photo Printer uses a unique thermal paper that already embeds with different colors including magenta, yellow and cyan dye crystals plus photos are also tear, smudge and waterproof.

This portable photo printer is also capable of producing 1, 4 or even 10 images on a 4×6 inches borderless sheet and because it’s small enough, bringing it anywhere you go and producing instant photos will now be fun and exciting.

This photo printer already comes with 1 thermal paper cartridge that can produce up to 12 printouts, just don’t forget to plug the printer though before pressing the print button.