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The iPhone Photo Archiver – Your iPhone’s pocket-sized Storage Expander

Got lots of photos on your iPhone? Or do you take lots of photos and need some storing device to free up space on your iPhone? Use the iPhone Photo Archiver [VIDEO], a tiny device yet powerful enough to hold almost all of your photos, simply by throwing it all inside without the need of wifi networks.

The iPhone Photo Archiver

The iPhone Photo Archiver is your iPhone’s photo storage expander yet small enough that you simply plug the device into your iPhone’s port and use the free application to transfer photos and videos straight from your phone’s library going to the storage expander of course without worrying about internet connection.

Not like cloud storage services that need you to connect to the internet before you can save or retrieve information and is often target by hackers, this photo storage expander for iPhone has a strong security option so as not to compromise your privacy.

Need to password protect a specific video or picture? No problem, because this pocket-sized iPhone memory expander got your covered. It even comes with a Micro USB port so you can easily transfer your favorite photos and videos to your favorite desktop computer.

The iPhone Photo Archiver is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, iPad 4th Gen., iPad mini and iPad Air 2.

Watch the iPhone memory expander in action [HERE].