The iPhone Flip Clock Dock – an Award Winning Speaker, Clock and iPhone Dock

You want to turn your iPhone into a full functional alarm clock? Sure, check The iPhone Flip Clock Dock, the award winning speaker at the same time an iPhone dock that allows you to display a nice looking clock at the same time provides a tough and clear sound from your favorite iPhone gadget. How? Well, simply download the free iLuv application from Apple’s site, install it into your iPhone and wallahh, you’ve got a nice looking dock and at the same time a cool speaker in one.

The iPhone Flip Clock Dock also features an auxiliary input that perfectly accommodates other music gadgets plus it also display a nice date and weather update besides its alarm sound playing capability. So what are you waiting for, start docking now charge your iPhone, play some sound and enjoy a nice display of time.

– $99.95 at hammacher