The iPhone Charging Photo Printer – A compact printer with on-board lightning dock that produces vibrant pictures in seconds

The iPhone Charging Photo Printer [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary printers out there because this portable printer is capable of producing high quality pictures and at the same time charges your iPhone because it already includes a built-in lightning dock.

The iPhone Charging Photo Printer

The iPhone Charging Photo Printer

This iPhone photo printer is capable of printing 300dpi 4×6 inches colorful photos in just a matter of seconds, thanks to its thermal ink ribbon partnered with uniquely designed paper, now you don’t have to worry about fingerprints and photo fading problem because all printed photos are waterproof, fade resistant and fingerprint proof.

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This compact iPhone printer already includes an easy to use free application that allows the owner to print pictures directly from their latest smart phones and tablets powered by Android or iOS operating system plus it even includes a USB port so users can print vibrant photos directly from flash drives, digital cameras and even from memory cards.

The iPhone Charging Photo Printer already comes with 40 sheets of special paper, ink cartridge and a detachable paper tray capable of handling up to 20 sheets. This photo printer only weighs 2lbs and measures 2.5×6.5×10.5 inches in height, width and length respectively.

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