Got an iPad and iPhone? How about gadgets that can charge both devices while at the same time enjoy your favorite music and video collection from either device while it is being charged? Sure, check iPhone and iPad Charging Speaker Dock, a charger and at the same time a speaker perfectly designed so you’ll have a space saving stereo speaker and a powerful battery juicer in one cool and sleek dock.

The iPhone And iPad Charging Speaker Dock

The iPhone and iPad Charging Speaker Dock features 2 dedicated dock connectors each with 30 pin on it so it can conveniently hold each device uprightly without any problem. This iPhone and iPad Charging Speaker Dock even comes with USB and 3.5mm auxiliary ports and cables so you can connect other music players including iPod without any problem.

This charging speaker dock is also compatible with other iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad models and plugs into an AC outlet using the iPhone or iPad’s wall adapter.

-$129.95 at hammacher