The iPad To Television Dock – Now you can share and play iPad videos straight to your TV

You want to play your recorded videos and captured photos from your iPad straight to your television screen? Use the iPad To Television Dock [SOURCE], an easy to use docking station designed not just to share your recently recorded holiday and birthday party footages but at the same time recharges your apple gadgets while playing those memorable events.

The iPad To Television Dock is very easy to use, just connect the dock to your TV using the included cable and you’re good to go, you can even control the video playback using the included remote control for that comfortable family viewing.

The iPad To Television Dock

The iPad To Television Dock

This iPad To Television Dock works on devices with 30-pin connector including your latest iPhones, iPods and other apple devices.

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No more messing around storing recently recorded videos to USB flash drives because now you can play and share to your families and guests your recently captured footages straight from your iPad to your TV screen easily and comfortably.

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