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The iPad Pocket Projector – a handy projector for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

You want to view your iPad’s photos, presentations and movies on an enlarged display? Now you can with the iPad Pocket Projector[SOURCE], a handy projector that allows you to connect directly to an iPad to immediately show bigger views of your favorite iPad files.

The iPad Pocket Projector lighter and smaller than any smartphone out there plus it can easily turn any room space into a theater screen without needing extra cables, simply plug the projector into the iPad’s charging port and you’re good to go.

The iPad Pocket Projector

The iPad Pocket Projector

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This pocket projector is capable of producing 6 – 60 inches of diagonal images from up to 78 inches away, thanks to its unique LED system and high resolution pixel views, watching movies, sliding photos and even presenting important presentation will surely be in sharp and clear view.

The iPad Pocket Projector 2

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The iPad Pocket Project already comes with a free app where owners can fine tune, magnify or rotate images, you can even use the projector for watching YouTube videos directly on a large screen.

This projector already comes with an internal lithium battery while its included LED is rated to provide up to 20,000 hours of enlarging views and best of all, this pocket projector is works most of the iPad, iPhone4s and iPod touch models.