The iPad Keyboard Portfolio – The perfect Wireless Keyboard for your iPad

Looking for a wireless keyboard for your iPad? Check the iPad Keyboard Portfolio, a perfect add-on to your iPad’s  typing needs.

Whether you’re at home, traveling or working in your office and typing documents, this iPad Keyboard is just perfect because it connects wirelessly to your iPad, leaving other ports for other devices and of course it uses only the lightest and touch sensitive 500 million keystrokes feature for that comfortable typing anytime anywhere.

The iPad Keyboard Portfolio

The iPad Keyboard Portfolio

This Keyboard also features a unique sleeve that pops up at a well-situated angle and it’s made with sturdy leather treated with water and dust resistant polyurethane.

The iPad Keyboard Portfolio also comes with rechargeable battery function that can perfectly provide continuous 90 hours of typing operation and best of all, this keyboard portfolio folds nicely for easy storage and carrying.

-$99.95 at hammacher