The iPad Keyboard Portfolio – Comfortable and Transportable Keyboard for iPad

This iPad Keyboard Portfolio is used in a laptop computer that attaches wirelessly for easy typing. The Keyboard Portfolio features a receptive and rubberized key that needs only the lightest handle that will last up to 500 million keystrokes.

The iPad Keyboard Portfolio

The iPad Keyboard Portfolio

The iPad glides into the keyboard’s defending coat that leaves the iPad in 30-pin connector for open charging and the sleeves supports up at a suitable angle for your best presentation. The iPad Keyboard Portfolio’s sleeves are made from resilient synthetic skin that has polyurethane that defy from water and dirt.

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The iPad Keyboard Portfolio 1The Keyboard Portfolio has a rechargeable battery that supply up to 90 hours of nonstop operation. This Keyboard Portfolio can be folded just like a meeting book that kept together as one for carrying and safe keeping.

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