The iPad Docking Station – Turns iPad into a full entertainment system

Now you can convert your iPad into a full entertainment system with this cool iPad Docking Station, a uniquely designed iPad accessory that allows your iPad gadget to be mounted securely in any position you want so you’ll have a better viewing on what you are doing.

The Docking Station for iPad also comes with a built-in 5-wall speaker system so you’ll enjoy crisp and clear sound from the game you are playing and from the movie you are watching.

The iPad Docking Station

This Docking Station also features a nice Bluetooth keyboard with special keys, additional inputs for other audio devices and a sleek remote control for easy play, pause and stop controlling.

This Docking Station for iPad is also well-suited with iPad2, iPod and iPhones and plugs directly into an AC outlet.

-$249.95 at hammacher