The iPad Classic Cabinet Music Center – with built-in cd player and fm radio tuner

The iPad Classic Cabinet Music Center is not just one of those ordinary dock chargers out there that simply juice up your new iPad because this iPad dock already comes with a vintage style wooden stereo cabinet complete with full range speakers so that you can charge up your favorite iPad gadget at the same time watch youtube videos in full stereo sound. Cool!

This iPad Classic Cabinet Music Center has a tilt-able dock so you can keep your iPad’s screen visible or simply fold it down once you’re done to keep that stylish look blend with your entire room decoration.

The iPad Classic Cabinet Music Center

This iPad docking station and music cabinet also comes with a built-in CD player and an FM radio complete with digital tuner and 20 programmable presets that can be controlled using its classically designed buttons.

This music cabinet and an iPad charger can also hold and juice up other gadgets including your favorite iPhones and iPods, just dock the device, watch the LCD screen for some cool information and enjoy.

$149.95 at hammacher