The iPad Car Headrest Cradle – Keeps your iPad still during your Travel time

Travelling with your iPad? No problem, check this iPad Car Headrest Cradle perfect for keeping your iPad stock-still during your travel time so you and your family can enjoy movie watching, internet browsing or anything you want to do with your iPad, you can even rotate the device so you can view what’s playing on your iPad vertically or horizontally.

How? Easy, simply clamp the your favorite iPad into the Cradle, set your preferred angle and enjoy. Sound easy eh!

The iPad Car Headrest Cradle

The iPad Car Headrest Cradle

The Car Headrest already includes a built-in stabilizer bar that perfectly keeps the iPad motionless, a uniquely designed rubberized frame clamp for mounting it nicely without damaging the headrest, an aluminum stand that comes with 4 raised corners for accessing iPad’s controls easily and a slide-out stand for desktop use.

What are you waiting for, now you can avoid dropping or bumping your valued iPad while driving, use the iPad Car Headrest Cradle now.

-$59.95 at Hammacher