The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand – Holds you iPad to any position you desire

You want to pose your iPad to any position you desire so you can work comfortably? Now you can with this new iPad Adjustable Floor Stand.

This specially designed iPad floor stand allows you to telescope, swivel and even tilt anytime so you’ll have optimal working comfort even while you are lying down and in sitting on a chair position of course without holding the iPad leaving your hands free to navigate on your favorite applications.

The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand

The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand can easily telescope up to 53 inches high and rotates 360 degrees without any problem, you can even extend the holder up to 15 inches from the base so you can position the stand next to your favorite couch or chair without losing focus on your ipad screen.

This adjustable floor stand for iPad also features a uniquely designed casters perfect for that easy and fast repositioning situation while its sturdy bungee cords holds your iPad securely at any position.

This stand also holds not just your favorite iPad, Kindle and Nook but is also great for holding your new tablet computers.

-$179.95 at hammacher


  1. Wow the price of this thing is almost the same as the Amazon Kindle Fire 🙂 It does make using the iPad a lot more comfortable though.

  2. Very useful specially for iPad owners out there.. Thanks for dropping by Ahmed. 🙂

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