The Invisible Speaker – A cool lampshade with a cool invisible speaker

This is a lampshade that is capable of streaming music from your favorite music gadgets. Introducing the Invisible Speaker, a wireless speaker and a cool lampshade in one unique device designed to provide your home not just clear and bright lighting but at the same time allows the owner to stream music wirelessly even at 200 feet away.

No more hooking up hardwire speakers in order to play your favorite music throughout your home, you don’t even need extra lampshades in order to light up corners because the Invisible Speaker is already built hidden right on a sleek lampshade to give you both relaxing lights and sound.

The Invisible Speaker

So where’s the speaker hidden? Well, check the lamp socket and you’ll uncover a wireless speaker capable of playing rich and clear sound, thanks also to its built-in 2.4Ghz base station that allows the owner to add up to 4 additional speakers directly to the station.

Worry about wires to power up the lampshade and the speaker alike? No worries because this unique device can perfectly maintain its full lighting and music capabilities with just one power cord while its included remote control will simply provide the owner an easy adjustments of music volume and powering off of lights. Check the rest of the features here.

-$199.95 at hammacher


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