The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse – A foot massager that provides deep tissue shiatsu, heat and compression massage effectively

Foot massage? Use the Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse [SOURCE], a foot massager device designed to provide a combination of heat, compression and deep tissue shiatsu massage to give you a refreshing and energizing foot massage you’ve always looking for right after that long hours of hard work.

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse is very easy to use, just put each foot right at the massager’s pockets, select your desired massage session and witness the magic of the massager’s unique nodes that focuses deep, penetrating shiatsu massage straight to your foot’s soles, it even comes with 2 additional nodes to specifically target the tension you are having on the side of your heel.

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The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse 2

On the other hand, the foot massager’s foot wells that inflate and deflate nicely is just another important feature for providing compression massage perfect for getting rid of the tension on your foot’s top spot and best of all, this massager also offers an optional infrared heat settings wherein you can use it to warm your foot’s soles enough to boost relaxation, circulation and of course healing.

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