The Intruder Alerting Door Handle Alarm – simply hang on a door handle to start protecting your home when it detects motion

The Intruder Alerting Door Handle Alarm (available here) is perfect for home owners out there who are looking for an alarm system capable of emitting up to 110dB enough so anybody can hear it even up to 600 feet.

Thanks to this uniquely designed Door Handle Alarm, fitting it on almost any type of door knob or handle will not be a problem, simply hang the alarm on a door handle and you’re good to go.

Intruder Alerting Door Handle Alarm

This door alarm is perfect for scaring away any intruders and because it can simultaneously notify the home owner and even your neighbors of any potential break-in, giving you peace of mind while you are away will not be a problem.

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Intruder Alerting Door Handle Alarm1

The Intruder Alerting Door Handle Alarm uses 2 detection methods like static electricity or vibration, it even comes with 3 different sensitivity settings and 2 different alarm sounds such as chime or siren and best of all, it only requires 3 triple-a batteries so you don’t need to call any professional installers to use the intruder alerting alarm.

You can buy this alarm that hangs on a door handle for only $19.95 with lifetime guarantee.