The Interactive Dog Bone – An electronic dog toy that engages a canine for hours

The Interactive Dog Bone is a uniquely designed toy for dogs capable of providing your canine hours of fun and interactive play time simply because this electronic dog bone can mimic the behavior of those small animals roaming around hour home where dog loves to have some fun interacting.

This electronic dog bone is unique because it can randomly roll forward or backward and even turn left or right when it senses motion.

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Interactive Dog Bone

Interactive Dog Bone

Although not intended to be used as a chew dog toy, this dog bone toy has a rubberized exterior designed to protect your dog’s teeth from reaching the toy’s electronic core just in case your favorite canine bit on it.

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Interactive Dog Bone 1

This Dog Bone Toy already includes a USB charger and can provide up to 2hrs of fun play time specially when fully charged. Simply select the perfect bone size for your dog and you’re good to go.

You can buy the dog bone for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.