The Instant Transmitting Paper To iPhone Pen – Now you can digitize your handwritten notes and drawings instantly

You want to digitize your handwritten notes? How about your drawing? Now you can with the Instant Transmitting Paper To iPhone Pen [SOURCE], a uniquely designed pen capable of digitizing any handwriting such as notes and drawing written on paper wirelessly so you don’t worry about the tedious work of retyping and scanning simply because the pen can transmit them instantly to your favorite iPhone, tablet and even your favorite smart phones.

The Instant Transmitting Paper To iPhone Pen

The Instant Transmitting Paper To iPhone Pen

The Instant Transmitting Paper To iPhone Pen combines the simplicity and effortless work of handwriting plus it can even make an electronic backup of your masterpieces, edit them and share them directly to your friends minus the hard work of retyping and transferring data using any storage devices, thanks to the uniquely designed stylus-writes like ballpoint pen style partnered with a small receiver clipped into the paper, sharing your artworks on your favorite social media is now more comfortable.

This instant transmitting paper to iPhone Pen is capable of storing up to 100 pages content, enough to jot down memos, important notes, artworks and the likes.

This paper to iphone transmitting pen is compatible with iTouch 5c, iPhone 6, iPad Mini and more. Read the rest of the features at the source below.


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