The Instant Rock Star Guitar – An Awesome Guitar Synthesizer ideal for Rock Star Wannabes

Now you can implement those high tremolo sounds, unique hammerings and nice legato tapping and play like your favorite rock guitarist with this Instant Rock Star Guitar, an awesome guitar synthesizer capable of providing all the required effects for rock guitar wannabes to experience the real excitement of acquiring rock sounds directly from this overwhelming rock star guitar.

The Instant Rock Star Guitar features a nice rocker look and style with 6 no-tuning needed strings. It also features a touch responsive fret board that identifies actual chords easily every time a user plays the guitar.
The Instant Rock Star GuitarThis Instant Guitar Rock Star even comes with 75 unique instrument effect samples plus, experimenting with different sound combination are easy with its included rhythm and song loops.

Worry about playing wrong notes? Not anymore with Instant Rock Star Guitar because it also provides quick feedback simply by providing the user with the right note. Cool right!

How about recording your song experiments? No worries because the Rock Star Guitarist also comes with a built-in MIDI controller and a USB cable so the owner can compose and record their very own master pieces straight to their computer or using their favorite GuitarPro and GarageBand tools. You want more? Try plugging this guitar into your favorite iPhone or iPad, play some song and jam along. Go ahead and try it.

-$249.95 at hammacher