The Instant Rock Star Guitar – A Unique Guitar Synthesizer Ideal for Wanna-be Rock Stars

Thinking of buying a nice guitar for your wanna-be rock star kid? Try the Instant Rock Star Guitar, a unique guitar synthesizer capable of providing all the essential sounds and effects a novice guitarist needs in order to enjoy rock sounds right straight from this instant rock star guitar.

The Instant Rock Star GuitarThis Instant Rock Star Guitar comes with 6 no-tuning needed guitar strings and a unique fretboard that automatically identifies the real chords used every time a wrong note is played simply by pulling the sound to its nearest correct note of course in real time.

The Instant Rock Star Guitar also features 75 effect instrument samples, 25 song loops and 10 rhythm loops just enough to provide rock-star-wannabes some space to conduct experiment.
You want to compose your very own song? No problem, because the rock star guitar also comes with a built-in MIDI controller and USB cable so you can merge your favorite composing tools like GuitarPro and GarageBand for easy recording plus you can even play live together with your favorite music on your iPad and iPhone gadget, simply connect the device thru its included USB cable or stereo input jack and enjoy. Cool, now what are you waiting for, go ahead and start banging.

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