The Instant Irrigation System – A digital irrigation system that automate your garden’s watering anytime any day

Looking for an irrigation system that automatically waters the plants in your garden? Use the Instant Irrigation System [SOURCE], a digital irrigation system that automatically turns the water on or off so plants in your backyard will still be alive even when you are away.

The Instant Irrigation System

If you are looking to automate your garden’s watering then the instant irrigation system is the answer simply because besides its very easy to use and setup, you can even schedule when to turn on and off the device and schedule how many days per week you want to water.

The Instant Irrigation System 1

With instant irrigation system, simply attach to a faucet, set your desired time and day settings at its included LCD screen and you’re good to go, plus you can even remove the LCD screen from the unit just in case you need to adjust the settings and best of all, you can use a water distribution system so you can connect up to 6 hoses perfect for watering part of your garden or make it water all the areas anytime.

The Instant Irrigation System 2

This digital irrigation system can be turned on manually and requires 1 9volt battery. Measures 9x7x7 inches in height, width and diameter and weighs only 5lbs.

Watch the digital irrigation system in action [HERE].