The Instant Hot Water Dispenser – dispenses hot water in 8 seconds

You want instant hot water? Sure, try the Instant Hot Water Dispenser device capable of producing hot water in just a matter of 8 seconds. Cool!

This Instant Hot Water Dispenser unit is capable of holding one and a half quarts of water and with just a matter of pressing a button, the device can power up its 1,700watt heater producing up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit perfect for brewing instant meal or brewing your favorite tea or coffee without any hustle of waiting.

The Instant Hot Water Dispenser

This instant hot water dispenser also features a uniquely designed housing so you can perfectly see when the water is hot plus important buttons are located nicely to an easy to access areas so you can press it anytime especially if you already want to dispense hot water quickly.

This portable hot water dispenser is very easy to use sets modestly on your countertop without any problem while its sturdy plastic housing and removable water reservoir remains cool to touch so you can refill and move the device without any problem.

-$149.95 at hammacher

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