The Instant Flat Tire Sealer and Inflator – Seals and Inflates Flat Tires without lifting the car

Flat tire? No problem, now you can seal and inflate your flat tire in just a matter of minutes so you can proceed to your desired destination all without lifting and removing the tire.

Yes, you read it right, you simply seal the tire with its included sealant, fill the tire with the right amount of air using its built-in air compressor and you’re good to go.

The Instant Flat Tire Sealer And Inflator

The Instant Flat Tire Sealer and Inflator

Introducing, The Instant Flat Tire Sealer and Inflator, a portable and uniquely designed device that simply patches and inflates your flat tire using uniquely a fiber sealant, water based technology that can patch holes up to one-fourth inches wide.

The Instant Flat Tire Sealer and Inflator even come with an included pressure gauge to help you determine if your tire is already inflated using its correct air pressure.

This flat tire sealer and inflator is solidly housed on a portable container and comes with an 11 inches cord. Other accessory includes attachment for balls and bicycle tires.

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