The Instant Biometric Lock – requires only a fingerprint to grant access to valuables

Stop memorizing lock combinations, use the Instant Biometric Lock —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed lock that only requires fingerprint matching to open your valuables in second.

This lock is unique because it grants access to your important documents and valuables using your fingerprint, just store your fingerprints and it is good for up to 2 years of using, thanks to the lock’s included lithium battery, keeping up to 10 different fingerprints and using it for years is now possible.

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The Instant Biometric Lock

The Instant Biometric Lock

This Biometric Lock is made with sturdy zinc-allow and has IP65 rating to make sure you’ll have a reliable, water-resistant and dustproof lock all the time.

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The Instant Biometric Lock 1

The Instant Biometric Lock only measures 3×1.5 inches long and wide respectively, small enough so you can bring it anywhere you go yet powerful to ensure you can always access your valuables in just a matter of seconds.

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