The Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault – automatically backs up photos using a free app

Need a backup device so you can keep all your precious photos from your phone? Use the Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault, a small yet powerful photo vault that works automatically in storing all your photos using a free application.

This pocket-sized photo storage device is very easy to use and works automatically simply by plugging it to your latest smartphone, tablet or even to your latest iOS devices, it works by automatically copying all jpeg, tiff, png, bmp, gif and other photo format of course without worrying about setting up a password or any subscription fees.

Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault

The Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault

This photo vault is unique because it automatically gets rid of any duplicates and it does not require the owner to connect to the internet.

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Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault1

This Instant Photo Backup device already comes with an integrated different types of port interfaces so owners can connect it to their Mac or PC, Android smartphone, iOS devices and more and best of all, it works compatible with any operating devices including Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.7 and above without any problem. Its 32GB capacity storage can store up to 16k of precious photos.

You can buy the pocket-sized photo vault for only $109.95 with lifetime guarantee.