The Infrared Wrist And Finger Pain Reliever – helps relieve pain in the wrist, palm and finger effectively

This wrist and finger pain reliever is unique because it penetrates deep down to your aching wrist and fingers using infrared light just to help you get rid of the pain you are having of course without worrying about bulky wires or even taking any medication.

Equipped with 30 uniquely designed LEDs partnered with 10 infrared and 20 red therapeutic light all designed to target deep into the skin, this pain relieving device can even be used between your fingers, wrist and palm alternately to help improve circulation, arthritis and even lessen swelling.

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Wrist And Finger Pain Reliever

This cordless pain reliever for wrist and finger also features an auto shut off function for additional security and is recommended for 2-4 treatment per week to get better results.

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Wrist And Finger Pain Reliever 1

The wrist and finger pain reliever’s included rechargeable batteries on the other hand, will allow the owner to use it for 2 straight hours without any problem specially when it is fully charged using its included adapter or USB cable and best of all, it only weighs 1.5lbs.

You can buy the device for only $199.95 and comes with lifetime guarantee.