The Infrared Foot Sauna – The foot sauna that softens skin and releases tension using infrared heat and warm tourmaline stones

The Infrared Foot Sauna is a uniquely designed device capable of softening skin and releasing tensing using a unique mineral stones partnered with effective infrared heat perfect for boosting circulation, getting rid of toxins and dead skins and of course relieving foot pain so you’ll be relaxed and revitalized.

The Infrared Foot Sauna

The Infrared Foot Sauna

With this foot sauna, simply rub your feet along the device’s base where the stone are located to begin massaging away knots and soreness, this infrared foot sauna’s stones have divots so you can add drops of necessary oils such as aromatherapy just to enhance your foot sauna session.

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The Infrared Foot Sauna 1

The foot sauna is designed from a sturdy enclosure from American hemlock, the best wood for infrared foot sauna so you can be sure that it won’t crack or even shrink even to its highest temperature and coolness. Just don’t forget to plug the device though before you can witness its magic.

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