The Influencer’s Face Tracking Cameraman – with facial recognition that follows a person as he or she moves around a room

The Influencer’s Face Tracking Cameraman (currently taking orders here) is unique when it comes to following a person’s movement simply because it is equipped with facial recognition technology so every time the owner moves around, the camera will capture everything without any problem.

Thanks to the camera’s high definition partnered with full 360 degrees rotation function, tracking an individual as he or she shifts a chair, moves from one room or even multitask while video chatting is now possible, clearer and at the same time can be captured every time.

Face Tracking Cameraman

The Influencer’s Face Tracking Cameraman

This cameraman is unique because it can hold not just your favorite smartphone but also your latest tablet and because it can be manually tilted so owners can have a better view of the footage or even engage in a 2-way chatting or video communication.

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Face Tracking Cameraman1

The Face Tracking Cameraman is perfect for social media influencers out there who want to capture everything while doing their favorite thing including vlogging and best of all, it uses the owner’s phone storage and microphone for storing footage complete with audio and video.

You can buy the camera with facial recognition for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.