Looking for an inflatable haunted house that is capable of triggering a frightening effect such as howling and screaming sounds? How about some flashing of lights to scare innocent candy seekers when they try to cross at the threatening arched doorway? Use the Inflatable Howling Haunted House [SOURCE], a 12 feet high colorfully designed haunted house perfect for your outdoor Halloween decoration.

The Inflatable Howling Haunted House

The Inflatable Howling Haunted House

This inflatable howling haunted house is made of heavy-duty denier polyester fabric material and is partnered with unique sound sensors capable of detecting sounds from candy seekers, parents and other unsuspecting visitors once they walk under the 72 inches high arched portal.

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The Inflatable Howling Haunted House 2

This inflatable haunted house even comes with some LED lights and integrated sound chips that when triggered, the haunted house will play some creepy and scary sounds together with some flashing of lights that changes color from red to green just enough to scare away visitors.

The Inflatable Howling Haunted House 3

Other feature of this 12 feet high inflatable haunted house includes a witch sitting on a burning cauldron, a leafless tree at the corner and a skeleton together with a black cat gazing at the top window.

The Inflatable Howling Haunted House 1

This inflatable haunted house already includes an air blower, 11 stakes and 5 ropes to keep the haunted house secured during the entire Halloween season.

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