The Inflatable Floating Dock – tethers to a boat or anchor for spreading out one’s relaxation on the water

The Inflatable Floating Dock (available here) is your perfect answer especially if you are planning to have some relaxation on your favorite pool, lake or even on any calm bodies of water.

Thanks to this uniquely designed floating dock, now you can enjoy not just relaxing, swimming or even fishing because this dock is equipped with broad surface area designed to support capacity of up to 1200lbs perfect if you want to add your favorite lawn chairs so you can relax or even enjoy fishing without you worrying about keeping yourself dry.

Inflatable Floating Dock

This inflatable dock already includes 6 integrated handles designed to help owners board into the dock easily from the water, it even comes with 4 corner tie-down d-rings so you can secure the dock to an anchor, pier or boats.

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Inflatable Floating Dock1

The inflatable floating dock is made with sturdy 2ply reinforced PVC partnered with drop stitching so you don’t have to worry about supporting riders up to 1200lbs and best of all, it inflates in seconds using its included hand pump. Weighs only 28lbs and only measures 8x5x6 inches in length, diameter and height respectively.

You can buy this floating dock for only $599.95 with lifetime guarantee.